Why do people buy your products

Want to know why some people succeed, and others don't? We did too, so we asked our wholesale customers what they think. Their answers to why customers buy different types of African products is shown in the answers below. Hopefully this helps you to show your customers more of what they care about most.

There are a number of reasons why people buy what they do. The answers that people gave are shown in order of how often the answer was given. The most common answer is number 1, with other answers being shown in order of how often they were given. The more popular the answer, the higher on the list it appears.

Why do people buy African art?   

  1. I wanted something new and different
  2. I wanted something that was hand made.
  3. Buying these products helps people in Africa.
  4. I like the price or value.
  5. I appreciate the historical significance and meaning of African art.
  6. The products go with my décor and home decorating.

Why do people buy African personal care products and oils? 

  1. African personal care products and oils give me something unique and different from what is available in most stores. 
  2. African personal care products and oils are made for and express my own ethnicity.
  3. I want them because they are pure and natural, or better for my health.
  4. The quality is better than other personal care products and oils.

Why people buy African clothing and jewelry? 

  1. The quality is superior to other clothing or jewelry. 
  2. The styles are unique, and let me have my own individual style.
  3. The cost or value is better than other options.
  4. They are more comfortable than other clothes. 
  5. African clothing and jewelry allows me to appreciate my own cultural heritage more.

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