12 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

Martin Luther King Jr.

Black History Month is an amazing way to connect with your community, your family, and your heritage. Find some new ways to celebrate and commemorate African American history with these 12 ideas.

#1 - Try your hand at an African recipe! There are over thirty delicious recipes here.

#2 - Discover how Black History Month began by researching its history and origins here.

#3 - Learn the songs of the civil rights movement, like "This Little Light of Mine" and "Oh, Freedom". Discuss with your kids or family members the lyrics reflect the hopeful spirit of the time they were written.

#4 - Gather up the kids and play the African awale game. Instructions can be found here.

#5 - Examine these oral histories from elderly African Americans in Elbert County, Georgia, and Abbeville County., South Carolina on the National Park Service website.

#6 - Talk about the local African American community in your area. How people of color first moved to the area, under what circumstances, etc.

#7 - Teachers and parents, work with your kids to create an "I Have a Dream" poster. Find easy instructions here.

#8 - Find a huge selection of Black History month crafts to do with your kids here.

#9 - Check out a Black History Month festival or event in your area! A quick google search should tell you where any celebrations are taking place in your area.

#10 - Read a book together or watch a movie about the story of Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play major league baseball.

#11 - Learn how to play an African D'Jembe drum! One of Africa's most famous musical instruments is available for anyone to learn. Find instructions on how to play it or order your own here.

#12 - Visit local museums. It's likely that February's premier exhibits will focus on the work of black creators. We wish you all a blessed and wonderful Black History Month! If you'd enjoy learning more about the African heritage and culture click here.