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5 Simple Steps to Start Your Own African Business

07/03/2021 10:05

Do you want to establish your own African business? You can get access to products direct from people in Africa at wholesale prices and sell them for a significantly larger profit with almost no money and free guides to help start your own business. A successful African business enables you share the joy and spirit of African through its products and make some money along the way!

5 Steps to a Profitable Business

  1. Select Your Products

It is important to know what kind of product you're enthusiastic about and what will sell the most before establishing a business. Identifying your clients and their demands is the most critical stage in selecting the proper product. You'll have access to thousands of popular products as well as the extra guidance you need to thrive fast as an Africa Imports retailer.

   2. Make a List

Make a list of at most 100 people you know from work, church, your family, neighbors, and daily interactions. With the help of an organizational tool, write down their names, physical addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

  • Contact each individual on your list - Utilize email, phone calls, Facebook messages, or chat with them about your products, offer them free samples to try out, provide full instructions on how to use various things, and let them know how they may contact you. If they require additional information, make yourself available.
  • Complete a follow up - After making contact and sales, use all available networks to follow up. Following up is good customer service, and it will help you keep your current clients while also attracting new ones. Providing good customer service is a smart strategy to boost sales

  3. Let People Know Your Starting a Business

It is a good idea to communicate with your contacts about your new business using any of these methods after you have successfully created a list.

  • Sending a letter or email to your whole mailing list informing them about your new business is a great method for getting the best result.

Calls and personal visits are considerably more effective, and it is ideal to get started right away.

  • Free samples- if you see someone you know, offer them a free sample (jewelry, bar of soap, oils etc.) Giving away free samples allows you to showcase your items to new audiences who may not be familiar with your brand. It can also strengthen existing customer ties and promote loyalty. Your clients will be more informed about the things you sell, which will motivate them to return, resulting in additional sales of new products.
  • For any business to flourish, persistence is essential. If you send an email to 100 people on your contact list, it's probable that only a few may react. Keep your attention and determination without giving up if you want to succeed.
  • A proven way to gain clients is to spread your sales ideas across multiple channels.

4. Acquire your Products

The key to success is having time-saving tools and being able to focus solely on your business. You can buy almost anything from Africa here and over 100 new items are added to our catalog every month.

Decide which products are you passionate about and what do you think you can sell best? You will find more African products here than anywhere else and you can access clothing, oils, soaps, artwork and more with same day shipping.

See our free articles to learn more about what will sell the best and get extra free products like fliers, business cards and more!

5. Place and Promotion

Businesses that innovate while having fun are the ones that succeed the most. Be creative and in charge of your African business from start to finish. Here are a handful of the most popular sales strategies to help you be more effective and generate more sales.

  • Catalog sales & personal sales to friends - Africa Imports generates and provides free access to catalogs. These sales tools are simple to distribute to both new and returning consumers. They display a large range of things that are available through Africa imports. With so many new retail catalogues being released each year, this is an excellent way to stay in touch with both new and old customers on a regular basis. A new catalogue equals new products, which is the ideal excuse to contact everyone on your mailing list. Visit African to learn more about three types of catalogs designed to help you build your business.
  • Mall kiosks or sales booths are excellent ways to attract new clients and increase revenue. On a typical weekend 550 individuals pass by a mall kiosk every hour. A kiosk will be noticed by 20% of those passing by (110 individuals). 15 percent, or 16 people, will stop at the first kiosk they encounter. Of those, 25%, or 4 persons, will make a purchase. You can expect four sales each hour if your mall kiosk is average. Before you begin, research the costs connected with a kiosk or sales booth opportunity to see if the investment is worthwhile. The best practices for selling at kiosk sites include positioning, display and advertising, packaging design, providing excellent customer service, establishing a list, and communicating effectively.
  • Flea Markets/events/community gatherings - These events are a great opportunity to meet new people and expand your list of potential consumers. They are well-known locations and one of the most important sources of traffic for a new company. If you want to establish a business selling African specialized products, this could be a fantastic place to start. Display your products, engage with potential buyers, and obtain their contact information as soon as feasible. Finding answers to these questions will aid in the foundation-building process.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1) Is there anyone else selling similar items? If that is the case, pay attention to their stock and customer service.

2) Does their booth or allocated space appear to be crowded? What types of customers are looking vs. buying?

3) Are their products' prices greater or cheaper than yours?

4) What methods of payment does the merchant accept?

5) Are the exhibits appealing to the eye?

6) Is it convenient for clients to browse the product because of the display?

7) Do you see people who are like your ideal customers? Because different events attract different types of people, make sure you have the correct audience for your event.

  • Salons/Spas- If you are launching a beauty product business, you'll notice that many consumers who utilize African skin care products often frequent salons and spas. Call or stop in at saloons in your neighborhood to speak with the management about your products and availability to find new consumers at salons or spas. Sell them on the idea that your items are tailored to their individual needs. After that, you can sell your items or have them used in the salon. Give them catalogs to peruse and a few extra copies to keep in the waiting room. Customers who are interested in health and beauty will be able to locate you by looking through catalogs. Bringing samples of soaps, oils, lotions, or hair care products is an excellent approach to remind them of you and encourage them to try your product. Build your list by capturing their contact information, such as their name, phone number, and email address, so you can follow up.
  • Home Parties - Sales from home parties have been around for a long time, and they continue to generate revenue in a variety of industries. Invite your friend at your home or at another location and create a personal, welcoming atmosphere. showcase your business (what you have, why you're in business, the quality of your product, and the advantages of using your products) Home parties are fun and successful because the attendees combine their love of shopping with their love of meeting new people. Creating an environment like this is a fantastic approach to let people know you're in business and have unique things they'll enjoy.
  • Online - Compared to traditional techniques, the internet allows you to meet a far larger number of customers the world over. Online marketplaces such as eBay and Etsy provide you more options for selling niche items. Even if your company is modest, there is a lot of room for expansion. Depending on the scale of your online business and the level of detail you require to be efficient, creating an online business can be simple or challenging. Setting up a nice website is gratifying and, in certain cases, the best solution. To increase traffic and let people know your store exists, employ your social media relationships (Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest).

Success Story

Ariayanna is an entrepreneur from Colorado Springs who specializes in beauty goods and enjoys helping people feel beautiful. Her main motivation for starting her business was to supplement her income. Some of the reasons she enjoys what she does include being able to sell genuine stuff to her neighborhood and promoting her business with her own products. She advertises her business by word of mouth and has inventive ways of generating traffic to her website to increase sales and discover new clients. Her tip to anyone interested in starting a business similar to hers is to start small and buy products that you would use if no one bought. She also encourages new businesses to develop strategic approaches to sell to customers in a natural manner. Ariayanna urges entrepreneurs to be strong and focused, and to trust that God oversees everything.


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