Add Style To Your Hair with Cowrie Shells



Cowrie shells carry different meanings. They are commonly used in the form of jewelry and money. Many African women use Cowrie shells on their hair as an accessory for trendy design purposes. Traditionally, these shells carry certain meaning.

Cowrie shells are known to bring success in the form of currency. In African, Cowrie shells represent goddess protection having high power and are connected to power of the ocean. Many women use these shells as a part of jewelry and it is considered as a good dress accessory.

In many countries, Cowrie shells are used as currency. In fact, many people consider it as a sign of prosperity and density. Other than this, these shells carry the connection with feminity. Many females keep these shells in altars or use these shells in the spells for birth, menstruation, or birth!

Adorning your Hair

As mentioned above, these shells are used as a part of accessories; many women tie it on the hair as a part of fashion. To use Cowrie shells on hair, you need-

  • Cowrie shells
  • Hair pins
  • Hard elastic bands

Follow the below steps to use these shells for hair styling in the perfect way:

1. First squeeze the elastic band between your thumb and index finger.

2. Now loop one side of the elastic band using your middle of the shell.

3. Put your index finger in these two looped sides, and put the shell on desired section of hair.

You can even use hairpin:

  • Take on hair pin that can pass through the shell.
  • Now slide this pin in downward direction.
  • Now use another pin putting through the opposite side of the shell. Make sure these pins are parallel.

These Cowrie shells are the best new addition to your hair style. You can experiment new styles to ensure you stand out from the crowd!