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Q. What types of items will sell most if you give a discount?

A. Personal care products, such as soaps and lotions. I read this in a reliable source about two years ago, and I remember it very well. I don't have any hard statistics to give to you here, (such as: "50% of customers will purchase an extra bar of soap when the price is reduced for buying two..."), but it is still just as true as a general rule.

If you sell personal care products, soaps, and oils, one of the fastest ways that you can grow your sales is to adjust your pricing. 

Here are a few options:

  • You can sell one 1/3 oz. bottle of oil for $5.00 or two for $8.00.
    What does this mean for you? You will make more money when the person buys two bottles.
  • You can sell a six-pack (with six bars of soap) for the same price that you sell five for.
  • You can sell a 4 oz. container of shea butter for $8.00; or they can buy two for $14.00.
  • Use your imagination a little bit, and you will come up with dozens of ways to increase your income. You will also give your customers a better deal at the same time.

You can come up with more fun and easy offers for your customer such as:

  • Buy 2 and get one free
  • Buy 3 and get the 4th for a penny.
  • Buy the whole line of your products, and get a free gift of something else.

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Try some of these ideas with your personal care items now. If you find a few of these pricing ideas working for you, you will grow your business faster, your customers will use products that they get from you longer, and you will make more money on each sale.

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Don't stop there! It may be hard to sell more expensive items this way, but you probably have some other products that you can get higher sales for if you promote similar special price opportunities.

I am told that this kind of pricing works best for personal care products, but we have seen it work for many other types of products too. There are some very inexpensive bracelets that sell for 0.20 each. If you offer one free when the customer buys six, over half of your customers will probably buy the six. Try it with several of your less expensive items, and find out what works best for your customers.

Good Luck!

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