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    Nubian Heritage Lotions

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    Goat's Milk & Chai Hand Cream - 4 oz.

    Our Goat's Milk Chai hand cream is a nutrient-rich long lasting moisture treatment. This all-natural recipe is fortified with multi-vitamins, Rose Extract and healing vegetable butters and oils to repair, moisturize, and strengthen hard-working hands. M-727
    Wholesale Price$5.39

    Olive & Green Tea Hand Cream - 4 oz.

    In addition to flavor and nutritional benefits, Olive Oil has been used for centuries in cosmetic treatments for body and hair. The softening, regenerative and antioxidant benefits of Olive Oil have been blended with Shea Butter to create a line of products for normal to dry skin types. These products are further enriched with vitamin rich Green Tea. Shea Butter and Olive Oil regulate moisture and soften skin while the anti-aging and antioxidant properties of Green Tea help protect the skin from dehydration, free radical damage, environment exposure and premature aging. M-734
    Benefits: provides deep hydration and repairs environmental damage & aging concerns
    Usage: normal to dry skin
    Natural Aroma: crisp, refreshing, sweet floral musk
    Wholesale Price$5.39

    Indian Hemp & Vetiver Lotion - 13 oz.


    A balanced, creamy body cleanser with naturally antiseptic Neem and Vetiver oils, and moisturizing Certified Organic Shea Butter. Hemp Seed nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids. Skin Type: Oily, Dry, Troubled Skin. Use: Daily use will result in softer, youthful looking skin.13 oz. M-126

    Shelf life: 18 months

    Wholesale Price$9.95

    Set Of 3 Nubian Heritage Lotions

    1 - Shea Buttter & Aloe Lotion - 13 oz.

    1 - Patchouli & Buriti Lotion - 13 oz.

    1 - Indian Hemp & Vetiver Lotion - 13 oz.


    Wholesale Price$27.95