How to get the most out of your leather bags

If you have ever noticed a leather smell coming from your leather bags, don't worry, this is normal. Leather naturally has a strong cow-hide smell, and the dyes used on the leather also have their own scent. You can get rid of the odor with just a few simple steps:

Problem-Solver #1 - Use a small amount of DampRid, mint or basil sprigs, and cinnamon inside a mesh bag inside the pocket or handbag. This will quickly have your handbag smelling fresh and aromatic.

Problem-Solver #2 - Dab a little vanilla flavoring on the inside of the bag.

Problem-Solver #3 - Put an open packet with a little baking soda inside the handbag between uses.
NOTE: Be careful when mixing too many fragrances, you want to have something that you can enjoy and you won't get tired of after a few months.

Problem-Solver #4 - Hang your leather handbag on a clothes line where it can air out. Try to hang it in a shady spot as the sun can damage the leather. You can even get the cigarette smell out of a leather jacket or handbag by airing it out for a few days!

Problem-Solver #5 - Spray 'Citrus Magic' air freshener on your handbag.

Problem-Solver #6 - Clean the handbag with a 'Leather Lotion' by Kiwi. Afterwards, spray it slightly with a product called 'Leather Scent'. This will have your handbag smelling fresh and new.