Stop customer confusion to get more sales

An African art vendor has a store where he sells primarily other types of products. He put together a beautiful display for some of his African wood carvings, and they sold well for him. Every so often though, someone would ask him if these carvings were for sale. The display was so beautiful, that some people thought his African art was put out for display only.

He immediately bought some large neon green price tags that he jokingly says can be seen from across the street. The display and the art are still beautiful; but now no one is confused. People will not only see that they can own the items displayed; but they will remember that they can get these carvings from him if they want something later on.

Make your products look more valuable with a great display; but make sure people can see that it is not JUST an art display when you do.

Africa Imports does not carry green price tags, but there is a full selection of packaging products that can help improve your displays.

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