Why Sell African Soaps?

The first time that we sold African soaps, I didn’t know if it would fit in with our other products. It was something new to try out that I didn’t really know about. Now soaps make up almost 10% of our sales.

As I visited African stores and festivals with African products, I started seeing these soaps almost everywhere. I also started to figure out why these soaps could sell in so many different places. It’s because everyone uses soap.

Not everyone wants African clothing or African artwork, but everyone uses soap. This means that you can get more new customers by having these soaps available. Once people try the soaps, they almost always love them. This means that they want to come back to see what else you have that they will like so much.

Even if your main business is clothing or something else, having African soaps on hand keeps people coming back to you when their soap runs out. You may not make a lot of money on the soaps, but you will have more people coming to you more often and seeing your other products.

There are over 65 different African soaps at Africa Imports, so there is always something fun and new for your customers to try out.

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