A natural cure for itchy skin

Having just been released from our local hospital, my 78 year old mother started complaining of itching that was growing progressively worse. This itching was accompanied by a type of rash that I, being a R.N., wasn't familiar with.


Since her hospitalization resulted in a complete medication change, I assumed she was experiencing an allergic reaction to one or more new meds, so I took her to an urgent care since it was the weekend.

The PA that saw mom looked as though she had just graduated high school and didn't elude confidence to be honest, she diagnosed an allergic reaction to a BP med, orders to discontinue the med and sent her home. Itching like crazy. 


Not feeling confident about the allergic reaction diagnosis, I started researching and it didn't take long to determine with 100% certainty that what she had contracted from her hospital stay was Scabies! Yes. Scabies. I about fainted.


My mom is as clean as the day is long and at 78 years old, had not been in a skin on skin situation with an infected person. I learned that scabies has only One medication that is prescribed for it and that medication is a pesticide. The reason for this is because very minimal research was ever done on it. 


So after much research, I learned of all the incredible things that Neem oil is known for and after trying this on Mom's "rash", Ta Da! Neem oil got rid of that nasty stuff! 


I have always firmly believed that the good Lord put everything here on earth that a human being needs for survival. Neem oil is one of those things. Truly a miracle. You can even mix some in with your shampoo and watch your hair grow!




Customer Donna in Glendale KY wrote this article for Africa Imports