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    African Products that do Double-Duty - Part 1

    One thing that I love about African health and beauty products is the practicality of everything. Almost every African butter or oil has multiple practical uses. For example, did you know your shea butter can make a great diaper rash cream? What about neem oil as an insect repellent? Get more out of your products and have more to offer to your customers when you know some of the many uses of your products.

    I will be updating this regularly, but here are just a few products that do double-duty:

    4 oz. Jar of Pure She Butter

    Most commonly used as: A skin moisturizer
    Did you know? You can also use shea butter to:
    Reduce fine-lines and wrinkles
    To heal diaper rash
    To reduce the appearance of stretch marks
    To help ease skin allergies
    To treat poison ivy, poison oak, and dermatitis
    To speed up the healing of burns
    To strengthen cuticles and nails

    Jojoba Oil

    Most commonly used as: A moisturizer for skin and face
    Did you know? Jojoba oil can also be used as:
    A hot oil treatment to soften dry or chemically treated hair
    An eye makeup remover
    An acne-treatment
    As a lip-conditioner (just like lip balm!)
    A massage oil

    Most commonly used as: A body soap
    Did you know? African Black Soap can also be used as a:
    Facial cleanser
    Hair Shampoo
    Infant Body Wash (great for babies with eczema!)

    Find out more about African health and beauty products, just click here.

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