Long Silver Wrist Cuff

Long Silver Wrist Cuff

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Look at you
They will when you wear this bold, brilliant silver wrist cuff. This cuff captures the light and makes you luminous and one of a kind. 3 1/2" long, 2 1/2" wide, 1 3/4" gap to slide on wrist. Made in India. J-B923
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I like this cuff, it fits o…
I like this cuff, it fits ok, I have a medium/large wrist.
From: Yolanda | Date: 10/5/2015 10:53 AM
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I love it, I will buy more…
I love it, I will buy more
From: Irene | Date: 3/5/2015 8:07 PM
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This cuff is beautifully cr…
This cuff is beautifully crafted. The only problem that I have with this product is the size, there should be one made to accommodate larger wrist. It looks good on my wrist, however it does not fit right.
From: Ramone | Date: 2/6/2015 3:57 AM
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These are beautiful and sel…
These are beautiful and sell themselves.
From: Lisa | Date: 2/21/2014 12:02 PM
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This bracelet is very beaut…
This bracelet is very beautiful I and the silver is so polished and shiny, I enjoy the simple and ethnic beauty is holds up close and far off.
From: Rehema | Date: 10/13/2011 2:49 AM
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I am really impressed with …
I am really impressed with these aot of people are asking for more,I will be getting more
From: Veloris | Date: 12/3/2010 7:25 PM
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I had two of these cuffs fo…
I had two of these cuffs for about a year, with many many compliments. Then I gave one away to a friend, and I have been missing it since! So I bought more, and now, my wrists are happy! I have big wrists, so bangles generally don't fit me. Which is why I am so happy and satisfied with the selection of cuffs here.
From: Melissa | Date: 2/10/2010 9:38 AM
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when i received this <A sty…
when i received this <A style=""cursor:pointer;"" onmouseover=""window.status=''; return true"" href='http://www1.flexysearch.com/find.php?query=cuff&cc={cc}'>cuff</A> it was warped, but maybe that''s because its <A style=""cursor:pointer;"" onmouseover=""window.status=''; return true"" href='http://www1.flexysearch.com/find.php?query=hand&cc={cc}'>hand</A> made..but it doesnt seem to cuff correctly around...<A style=""cursor:pointer;"" onmouseover=""window.status=''; return true"" href='http://www1.flexysearch.com/find.php?query=i%27%27ve&cc={cc}'>i''ve</A> had bad experience with the <A style=""cursor:pointer;"" onmouseover=""window.status=''; return true"" href='http://www1.flexysearch.com/find.php?query=braclets&cc={cc}'>braclets</A> that i have ordered(for <A style=""cursor:pointer;"" onmouseover=""window.status=''; return true"" href='http://www1.flexysearch.com/find.php?query=myself%29and&cc={cc}'>myself)and</A> have to end up giving them to someone with smaller <A style=""cursor:pointer;"" onmouseover=""window.status=''; return true"" href='http://www1.flexysearch.com/find.php?query=wrist&cc={cc}'>wrist</A>...the braclets in my opinion should have sizes available to let us know so we can make a better decision on if we want to order them so we wont be disappointed after the fact.
From: Kecia | Date: 12/26/2009 8:47 AM
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