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Set Of 12 Kids Trad Print Dashikis SIZES

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This Set Of 12 Kids Trad Print Dashikis SIZES is a whole lot of fun and history for any kids that want to discover their roots. Dashikis originated in West Africa and have come to be popular all around the world. Whether you’re buying this set for resale, family reunions, theater performances or more, this set makes it easy to have a variety of dashikis for numerous kids with their own color preferences.  Give kids a taste of their history with this dashiki set.   

Sizes and colors in sets will vary and may include duplicate colors.

  • Green SM
  • Lime SM
  • Orange SM
  • Yellow SM
  • Blue MD
  • Fuchsia MD
  • Gold MD
  • Turquoise MD
  • Yellow LG
  • Lime LG
  • Orange LG
  • Purple LG
Made in India. C-C002S

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