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1 Lb Mysore Sandalwood Fragrance Oil

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This Mysore Sandalwood Fragrance Oil contains the deep, woody fragrance that makes sandalwood so popular as a fragrance note in perfumes, soaps, bath oils, and lotions. It also contains a number of benefits for your skin. Mysore sandalwood is an exotic and luxurious sent that originates in the Indian city of Mysore. It is a warm, compelling oil that has a high quality and aromatic woody scent. When used in a diffuser or oil burner it is a mood enhancer. It helps you relax and destress. It has a sedative effect that helps with anxiety, fear, restlessness, and depression. It boosts your mood and helps with memory and focus. It is not surprising that sandalwood has a long tradition of being used in a variety of spiritual and religious practices.

Sandal wood has a number of benefits for your skin when included in soap and lotions. It has anti-inflammatory properties that sooth aches and pains. It has antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antiviral properties that help fight skin infections and conditions. It has fever reducing properties. It inhibits scabies. It smooths out scarring and wrinkles to give you more youthful skin. It helps with eczema, psoriasis, acne. It evens out skin tone. Get all the benefits of Mysore Sandalwood Fragrance Oil for your skin, mind and meditation today! OBB-033


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