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Can some oils change the color or other things about a soap that I am making?

08/12/2020 11:52

Fragrance oils react in the chemical process of making soap in many different ways. Before you mix up a large batch of soap with any fragrance oil, you want to know if the oil will change the color, texture or other qualities of your soap. 

There are companies that specialize in manufacturing oils specifically for making soap. Some of these companies can tell you what possible issues like this you would be at risk for with different oils. The oils tend to be much more expensive this way, but they have been tested in soap making and come with information available as to what possible problems you might end up with by having different oils that they offer. Different oils have different reactions with different methods of making soaps. Africa Imports does not have oils that have been tested this way, but the oils we do have are normally a lot less expensive. Most people who buy oils for making soap will often purchase the less expensive and untested oils (like the kinds that we offer) and will experiment with them themselves with small quantities to find any possible reactions this way before ordering more. This is probably the lowest cost way to add fragrance to soaps that you make.