Home Parties


Home party sales have been around for a long time, and they continue to drive revenue across many different industries. Started in 1948 by Tupperware, home parties still have the same premise.

  1. Invite your friends to your home (or other location).
  2. Have drinks and food/appetizers laid out for them to enjoy in order to create a personal, comfortable atmosphere.
  3. Showcase your business and your merchandise (what you have, why you’re in business, the quality of your product and the benefits of using your products).
  4. Have fun. Home parties continue to be successful because people who attend them combine their love of shopping with their love of being with friends and meeting new people. Creating an atmosphere like this is a great way to let people know you are in business and you have unique products they will love.

How is an Africa Imports Home Party Different?
Most home parties are done through a multilevel marketing format. Africa Imports wholesalers are NOT multi-level marketing.  Instead of receiving a small commission, or credits/discounts towards more merchandise, your home parties are 100% your business. You earn and keep the profits you make from the merchandise you sell. Africa imports does not operate a multi-level marketing function, and is solely a supplier of products to wholesale customers. This means we do not collect sales tax, process credit cards or help with order fulfillment.  

4 easy steps to plan and execute your home party

  1. Choose a location and date. Your home is a great place to have a home party.  Depending on the size of your list you may have enough room for some or all of your potential customers.  You may also find that a friend’s home is more accommodating. Find a location that suits your needs and pick a date.  Be aware of your invited audience and the days and times they will be able to attend. Pick a day and time that you think works best for them and your host when using someone else's home.
  2. Invite 4 times the amount of people your location can hold. If your home can only accommodate 10 people, invite 40, or 20 with a “bring a friend” suggestion. It is natural for only 25% of people to attend a home party. Don’t be discouraged by the number of people that do not attend or tell you they will, only to cancel. If your list has emails and phone numbers, use all of these communication tools to get people interested and informed about your party, what will be expected (food & beverage, products, prizes, etc.), and times. Continue to communicate with your invited guests as the date approached. Try hard to get RSVP’s from as many as you can. A person who gives an RSVP is less likely to simply not show up.
  3. Prepare for your party and prep your host (if applicable). Complete this simple checklist to ensure you have everything you need that customers will need or want.

    • Catalogs/Fliers: Hand out catalogs as guests arrive, or leave them out for people to look at while at your party.
    • Raffle Tickets (if applicable for FREE prize drawings)
    • Order Forms: Make sure you have enough so that your business is represented professionally.
    • Business Cards: Still a very important business tool, this gives customers an easy way to remember you for future sales.
    • Name Tags: If you invite people, or expect people to come to your home party that you don’t already know, name tags are a great way to be more personable.
    • Merchandise: Make sure you have enough for sales and for display. A home party is a tool for you to showcase your products. Make sure you have enough.
    • Food & Beverages
    • Pens
    • Currency for change on purchases or a way to facilitate credit/debit card payments.

Have a great party

Open your party with a simple “thank you for coming” opening.  Let your guests know why you are in business and share something personal about yourself so they can learn who you are. 

Show guests the merchandise you are offering and follow up with handing out catalogs. If your wearing African product from Africa Imports, show them what you have on and tell them why you love it. You won’t have a lot of time, so be organized and show the best selling products first.

Spend the rest of the time showcasing your products. You will get asked questions that you may not have the answer to. This is normal, and a good thing. You simple reply “I don’t have that answer right now, but I will find out for you and get back to you.” This gives you the opportunity to talk to and develop new customers after the party is over.


2 Successful tips for a great home party

  1. Don’t be aggressive. Let your friends and their friends know that purchases are not mandatory. The main goal starting out is to earn trust and build relationships. Depending on the products you offer, some of your potential customers may not be ready to purchase on the spot, or the price point of your merchandise might be out of their current range. Show your guests that your products can’t be found easily anywhere else and that you, your personality and sales tactics, are what makes you special. They will remember this and you will earn long-term customers. Don’t feel slighted or betrayed if someone does not purchase immediately. Let them know that you appreciate the time they took out of their day or night to come see what you have to offer.
  2. Samples. If your selling soaps and skin care products, give out free samples to all your guests. You have their attention, and now is the time to let them know why you have started a business and why your products are right for them. If your selling clothing or accessories, give out raffle tickets when guests arrive, and halfway through the event, or when the time is right, pick a winner and give them a free product. A customer who wins a free gift and tells their friends what a great time they had at your home party is highly valuable and can lead to new customers and more home party guests.