African Oil Paintings

Mark Sagnon has created each of the original oil paintings sold at Africa Imports. His love of art is so vivid in his paintings that the ones now sold are some of the best-selling paintings to carry. Mr. Sagnon grew up believing he was blind, and being treated like a blind manuntil one day a friendly person gave him a pair of glasses. All the sudden the world became a new universe of color, artwork, and life for him! Mr. Sagnon’s paintings continually encourage the viewer to participate in an adventure that will give them a taste of the African culture, lifestyles, and people. His love of Africa is very evident in his paintings, and gives us something we can treasure for years to come. Mr. Sagnon has developed a layering and bonding technique to work from within the surface of a painting in order to create greater depth and color. The oil paintings sparkle with vibrancy and bright, African colors! Perfect as a gift or for you to own for yourself.

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