Alfred and Helen

Alfred and Helen are an educated, capable and very respected couple. They recently moved with their family to a very poor and more crime prone neighborhood, from a home in a much different type of place. 

Alfred is helping people in the area to get help with legal and government problems. Helen works with women who have been abused or abandoned to help them learn job skills. They are not paid by the government to do this, but is basically doing this because the needs are so great.


For Christmas, Alfred and Helen wanted to provide a special meal for about 300 elderly people who are in this area, and are especially needy. The cost of the food was $340.US, and they have some volunteers who are helping them to prepare the food and provide some kind of entertainment. From the photos you can see that this was a very simple production, but it was the type of meal that most of these people will almost never get. It is especially impressive how such a small amount of money can do so much good when people like this are involved.


 Your purchases from Africa Imports pays Alfred and Helen a small amount each month for their own support, and we were able to send the extra needed for this meal also.