An African Inspired Home

 Written by Sharon in Indianapolis, IN



African Inspiration an awakening to the diaspora of our culture. To reflect tone of our ancestry we sometimes surround ourselves with the beauty of the Motherland. Home decorating with an African flair involves the use of deep, neutral tones, rich textures, authentic patterns, and placement of bold artwork, statues and ornamental instruments. Adding tranquil fragrance and aromatherapy seals the look, feel and total ambiance of a Nubian environment.

Framed Kente Tapestry, Decorative pillows mud cloth draped over back of the couch in the living room




or in the man cave.


To add spice to a family room ty using african instruments and sculptures in an entertainment corner. African D’Jembe, Dundun, Tic Toc Drums. Bougarabou Shaker and Thumb Piano, Kenyan Animal Shaker, Gankeke Bell. Layer pillows in a corner and everyone lounge and soak in the beauty and enjoy family time with good music.

Authentic, handspun, hand painted, hand woven prints. Printed fabrics, pillow covers and bedspreads add life and warmth to the tranquility of a bedroom.

In the formal living room display authentic african artwork. Flank a lage Sengalese Wood Carved Chair with a display case of carved art. The Five_-Headed Unity Carving along with Dolls, Maasai Family Stick Art, a Giraffe carving, and the Thinker Statue complete the showcase.

Strategically placed wall art such as Maasai Masks, Gye Couple Wall Sculpture, Shield and Spears, and Animal Masks. Place Banana Leaf Paintings in the Den. Welcome your guests to your home with an African Flag in an entryway along with a Karabu/Welcome Sign.

In your kitchen hang Salad Set Spoon and Fork on your accent wall. Line your dinner table with Cowrie Shell Coasters and African-Themed Coffee Cups. Center an Ebony Sugar Bowl on a strip of Mud Cloth lining the dining table.

Adorn your oven backsplash with the Motherland: African Continent.

Create a Coffee/Reading Corner for sipping a blend of coffee or any one of the magnicifent herbal teas.

Inspire your workspace with wall art. Use aromatherapy to rejuvenate or bring calm to the day. Soothing essential oils, fragrance oils can be burned in an Electric Glass Oil Burner or use tea candles to burn oils in a porcelain burner. Lavender and Vanilla are soothing whereas Frankincense and Myrrh and Lemongrass are invigorating and others such as Egyptian Musk can be intensifying.

The look and feel is not complete until you can immerse yourself in a luxurious bath or take a revitalizing shower in your African-Themed bathroom as well.