Ashleigh in South Africa

 is someone who your purchases from Africa Imports helps to support

Ashleigh in South Africa is someone who your purchases from Africa Imports helps to support. She is shown here dancing in a training session where she is learning to work better with people living in financial need.

This is a picture of me dancing during one of the simulations at “The World Wealth Meal”. I was in the second lowest caste (beggar) and had to dance for a half-eaten brownie. I have never appreciated a half-eaten brownie the way I did that evening.

Ashleigh comes from a home in South Africa that most of us would consider to be in financial need as well. Compared with the children and some of the others who she is working with however, she might even be called “privileged” by comparison.

In fact, I just checked to see how wealthy a single person earning the federal minimum wage in the US ($7.25/hour) is compared to everyone else in the world. A person in this situation is in the wealthiest 13.8% of the world’s population – the richest person in the average group of seven people worldwide. Sarah is not living at this US minimum wage level at all.

In case you’re interested, you can see how rich you are compared to the rest of the world’s population pretty easily at