Best Strategies I Use to Grow My Business

It is not easy starting, building and growing a business no matter what kind.

When it comes to getting our business name and products out there, we keep it simple and old school, WE TALK TO PEOPLE. Although we use social media platforms to help promote the business we prefer talking, shaking hands and putting information and samples in the consumers hands. We find this way helps to drive traffic into the business.

Once people see warm inviting faces, the rest is easy. People like to spend their money where they feel welcomed and appreciated and we pride our business on that. Everywhere we go in our daily routines we make sure to speak to someone about our business as well as hand off some literature(cards). Another strategy we use is one of us parents or children wears a t-shirt or smock with the business on it which is another way to spark conversation about the business because people will ask, what is that? Then there is your opportunity to share with one more person that did not know yesterday.

Even when you’re not at the business you should still be in the business. Followers and likes are great, but nothing beats that in person experience!

Sabrina from Cleveland, OH

Our small business is family owned and operated based in Cleveland, Ohio. True.Cleveland Home & Body Needs Store is the name of the business. We specialize in selling homecare and body care needs. Natural and organic products is what fills the shelves and baskets in our store ranging from soaps with healing properties to the only and best black owned laundry detergent.