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Wearing an African Headwrap - the History and Instructions

02/26/2009 18:26

Headwraps hold significant meaning and symbolism to both Africans and African-Americans alike. In Africa, headwraps are often worn to convey modesty, and different colors of head wraps can symbolize anything from wealth to social status. They also serve a practical function in protecting the head from the rays of the sun. In European American culture, headwraps are nearly always folded in a triangle, and then tied under the chin, bringing the focus of the face downwards. Most of the time, these wraps are worn as a symbol of modesty or for religious purposes. In African culture, head wraps are often folded in a rectangle and tied around the head in an ornamental fashion, bringing the attention upwards and towards the face. African headwraps are very striking and the bright colors can really animate and brighten the face of the wearer. In West Africa, head wraps are referred to as 'gele' in Yoruba or 'ichafu' in Ibo. You can see a video of how to put on a headwrap below!

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