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Five Ways to have extra income
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  1. Add authentic African products to an existing business. 
    Give your customers something new. Give your business and yourself a new opportunity to grow.  There are many places where African products sell fast.  African stores, gift stores, clothing stores and boutiques, and art galleries are all successful with these ideas.  But Hair Salons leave catalogs out for their customers. Book stores, child care, variety stores, and dozens of other businesses have also added African ideas to what they offer.  If you look over the products available here, you will find dozens of opportunities that you have never thought of before. Don't stagnate with the same items over and over again. Instead, add new opportunities and excitement easily. If you have never purchased from African Imports before, Sign up to be a wholesale buyer right now. Click Here (and check off the Wholesale account box)
  2. Sell with web site, auctions and other internet marketing.
    You can do this anytime; an from anywhere.  The opportunities are endless. You can offer new ideas that arrive from Africa every day. Click Here to learn more about ways to use the internet with African products.
  3. Exhibit at festivals and special events.
    This is one of the most popular ways to meet new customers.  Before you spend a lot of time and money doing this, find out what makes some people succeed; and why these people out-perform others by a wide margin. Click Here to see how you can succeed at festivals, flea markets, and special events.
  4. Show products to family, friends, co-workers, and associates.
    This may seem like the easiest way to get started.  It certainly is a way to start without investing money. But a lot of people starting a business think that this won't work for them.  There are hundreds of customer who sell products only to people they know.  Some are more successful than the average retail store.

    Here’s how to do this best. First, write up a list of all of the people you know. Do this right, and there will be over 100 names on your list. Think you don’t know this many people? Think again. People you know from work, from church, from school, from past jobs, stores and other places you visit or have visited, anything else you have been involved with. Almost everyone knows at least 100 people.

    Next, call or visit each of these people, and tell them about your new business. Tell them how excited you are about it, and offer them a bar of soap, sample oil, or sample shea butter for free. If they like it, ask them to please come back if they want more, and please let other friends of theirs know about what you have going on. Once somene buys anything from you (even an inexpensive bar of soap), they are much more likely to buy from you again. Focus on building up customers first – not money. The extra sales come later. Each customer you get now can ultimately buy lots of your products over time. To grow a business, remember that each new customer you find is worth a lot more than just their first sale.

  5. Have your own catalog. Africa Imports creates a wholesale catalog for you; and retail catalogs for your customers.  The retail catalogs don't have any company name, phone number, or address, so they becomes your own company catalogs just mark them with your own name or company name.  The wholesale prices are normally half of the retail prices shown in your customers catalogs.  This allows you to show the catalog to your customers who purchase from you at the higher retail prices. Not only does this give your customers more to choose from than they would ever have otherwise, it gives you a full 100% markup without the same investment and risk. It builds your business with some of the least expensive advertising possible.  You only give the catalogs to your customers or people most likely to become customers.  Nothing is wasted on people with no interest. You can purchase the catalogs for our printing cost, which is much much lower than the cost would be to print your own catalog (a 64 page retail catalog costs $0.59 each). To see order copies of all of the current Africa Imports Catalogs. Click Here.

If you are ready to get started, then you can order your first set of African products right now.  You can order a Starter Kit with a sampling of some of the most popular products that we carry. Otherwise, just choose the items that you think will work the best for you and your customers. 

If you want to learn more, then there is much more information here to help you.  If you really want to learn and get started in this new business though, then the best thing to do is to start now.  If you have read the material up to this point, you will learn more now by doing, than you will ever experience from studying alone. 

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