Drought in Africa


Right now there is a very bad drought in a large part of Africa. We recently sent some extra money to help a number of needy families in parts of Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Malawi where this drought is severe right now. One of these photos  shows people in a small village in Tanzania. This is a place where people live through farming almost exclusively. The drought this year has been a life and death situation for many people like this.


There is a man named Isaac in Zambia who helps us to buy and distribute food to some of these families. His wife Ruth teaches in a school. They also farm themselves to feed their own family. Isaac sent us this other set of photos of his wife Ruth standing in a field several months ago (just before the drought), and the same field now. I have never done any farming myself, but any of us can feel how difficult it must feel to them. To see the field that you and your family spent so much time and money on, and that you depend on for food drying up this way seems almost terrifying.


During this time of drought, your purchases have made a big difference in many people’s lives in Africa. Last month we were able to split up an extra donation of $5,000 between about 100 different families. Although it is only about $50 per family, the difference it is making to the people receiving it has been dramatic to hear about. Thank you again being a part of this help to others in very difficult situations.