Food For Children in Zimbabwe

How one couple is making a big difference for children during the pandemic in Zimbabwe

One Africa Import’s helpers in Zimbabwe recently had to slow down on his regular work when coronavirus caused some shutdowns. They could have relaxed a little bit with the extra time off. They are both passionate about making a difference for children however.

Israel works with teenagers doing school and sports training. Shelter (Israel’s wife also shown with him below) has been spending most of her time as a mother to their children. Before having children however, she worked as a school teacher. With their children now getting a little older, and with them having this extra time right now, they started teaching some children from their neighborhood in their home. These are generally kids from homes that can not afford school.     

This is a bigger job than you might think. There are about 100 children who they teach in their home. With many of these kids coming from difficult home environments, Israel and Shelter are now certainly very busy.

Most people in Zimbabwe have had especially difficult situations during the last few years. There have been weather issues that affected food availability, and some major political problems than have made day to day life exceptionally difficult here. Children whose lives would have been difficult normally, now have extra problems to deal with.

While talking with Israel a few months ago, we offered to pay the cost of the food for the kids who go to classes in their home. The meals are not expensive this way, but for some of these kids this is the only meal that they will get each day.

Your purchases from Africa Imports are buying meals for many other vulnerable children and orphans in other countries in Africa. This is a temporary project that Israes and Shelter are doing with your help right now. I’m sure some of these kids would thank you if they could.