Free Gifts


Is it a good idea?


Can you give a free gift to a customer (or to a potential customer), and make money doing it?

      Giving gifts is a nice thing to do, and it can make you feel good too.  The Bible says that it is better to give than to receive.  But how can you make money by giving things away?

     The secret is in giving people something that they will buy after they have tried it.  The best ideas are items that the customer will consume or use up, something that they will want more of once it is gone, and best of all, something that they will buy from you over and over again.

     We have tested a number of different gift ideas.  We have given all kinds of free gifts to customers in hopes that they would then buy more from us. Unfortunately for us, this almost never worked. People were happy to have the free samples, and hopefully they remember us when they want something else.  But we almost never got enough sales of these items to these customers to get back our cost in giving out the gifts.

     Fortunately there was one idea that worked really well.  Several years ago we gave out free samples of some African soaps.  Now African soaps account for 8% of our total sales.  These soaps are made for African skin and they are made with natural ingredients that nourish and heal skin better than other soaps that most people have used.

     When you give someone a bar of soap, they will remember you every time they take a shower. They will have time to get used to it over the next several weeks.  And then they will never want to go back to the other soaps they have used before.  These soaps can be added to whatever else you are already selling as an easy impulse item.  Soaps sell at clothing boutiques, flea market booths, and at retail stores that sell all kinds of different items.

     Dudu Osun Soap is the 2nd best selling product that we carry, and we offer over 2,000 different products!  You can get it now, and in a few weeks (if you're like most people), you will be coming back for more.

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