Get African glamour in six easy steps!

Head wraps are a fun, fashionable way to add instant exoticism to your wardrobe. Head wraps are very popular right now, and so inexpensive! You can find a huge assortment of garments with head wraps right here at Africa Imports. Just go to the women's clothing section located on the menu to the left on our homepage, and take a look!

Putting on a head wrap is easy, and although it may take a couple of tries, you'll have it down in no time!

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Step 1

Stretch the head wrap around the back of your head, making sure that both sides are of equal length.

Step4.jpg (27262 bytes)

Step 4

Wrap the left side of the head wrap around the back of your head and over the right side.

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Step 2

Pull one side of the head wrap around, and across the front of your head.

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Step 5

Wrap the right side of the head wrap around the back of your head, and to the left side.

Step3.jpg (30474 bytes)

Step 3

Pull the other side around and across the top of your head.

Step6.jpg (18729 bytes)

Step 6

Fold the two pieces of the head wrap in front of your head. Secure with bobby p

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