Get Personal with Your Customers

How do you stand out from the competition? How do you solidify customer loyalty? How do you give a quality product that is unbeatable by the rest? The answer time and time again is to give your customers something they can’t find anywhere else; something they can only get with you.

The good news is there is a surprisingly simple way to do this: With personal care products and fragrance. Put the two together and you’ve got a winning combination. There are some best-selling personal care products that you have probably had success with: shea buttershea nut oilfragrance oils. How about offering your customers these same products combined? Keep a supply of fragrance oils at your booth, cash register, or wherever you station yourself at your job. Keep some essential oils too. If you see someone taking interest in your products, offer them the chance to get their product personalized to their exact unique tastes. This is so simple to do, and an easy way to instantly up your profit.

What smell makes you relax? What smell makes you feel romantic? Are you more of a vanilla person or more of an opium person? Are you sweet or spicy? Fragrances are very important to people; they show a side of themselves that no other thing can. Fragrances cross gender lines and appeal to both male and female customers of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Next time somebody comes to your store, how about mixing up some lotion with their favorite scent? Vanilla is relaxing and calming, Egyptian musk is an all-time favorite, and patchouli has that strong, woodsy scent that you either love or hate. Make the shoppers experience all about their individuality; and in the meantime up your profit on the item and improve your relationship with them.

You can add fragrance to nearly any personal care product. Add it to the natural African buttersAfrican oilslotionsbulk body care bases, and more. For even better results, organize your fragrances in categories that appeal to the customer: Designer Women’s FragrancesDesigner Men’s FragrancesFruity Fragrances, Floral FragrancesEssential Oils, etc,..let the customers sample the different smells and then choose one or two that they’d like mixed into their product. Instead of selling a product for $3.95 you could up the price to $7.95 and it would only take a couple minutes of mixing!

With holiday season quickly approaching, this is a great way to get that customer bond and those holiday sales that you’re aiming for.


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