Grow Your Business Contest Winners


170 Africa Imports customers sent in their ideas on how they would use an extra $100.00 to grow their business. We have gone through all of the responses and are listing what we think are the top 10 here. One of these people will receive the $100.00 prize. Everyone else who sent in a response is receiving a $10.00 coupon code that they can use for this discount on their next order.

The two most popular responses are:

1 – Buy more products

2 – Spend more on Advertising/Marketing.

These are the what customers said the most, and many people said these same two things in different ways. They are probably the most valuable things you can do to grow your business. The top 10 other responses are shown below.

How would you invest an extra $100. to grow your business?


 “I would purchase products to randomly thank my customers for sticking with me throughout such a journey! We the retailers carry the load! We set the tones! We reach the people”

  ~ Jackie in Mount Rainier, MD - winner


I would actually use $100 as free gifts for my customers. A give away as an introduction opportunity of opportunity for them to try a new item for each customer.

I would use this money to put my list together. The money is in the list. I can always promote new items that I get to my list.


Having my customers spread the good news about the awesome quality of the products they have received, sharing reviews for potential new customers to purchase from me.  Which causes my business to grow as well as Africa Imports because of the quality of the merchandise.


I would use it to educate people about the products I sell and the benefits of them and to bless people with samples to try.

More meeting people face-to-face and allowing them to experience the items. I find that when people get to touch the items, they are way more likely to purchase than when they see it online. I want to be out in the public more, growing my business. People connection is crucial to business growth.


With the $100 I would pay for a booth in my local area and sell the fragrance oils from there. I would also at the booth offer a free oil sweepstakes where I would draw a name and give them one for free. This would help increase my sales and bring in traffic to my booth.


I would invest in a database of info where other vendor like myself can go and speak with designer's directly.  I do personal shopping for my clients. 


Sometimes the options that are on the site my clients need a more custom approach.  It would be nice to be able to reach out to those vendors directly for a more personal approach to get those items that are no longer in stock with you, but are requested from our clients


I would look for bloggers and influencers who would love to sample products with my logo in them. I would write a blog with a video and purchase a Google adwords CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)  campaign in order to reach as many people as possible as many times as possible while they were surfing the web. This would burn my logo into their minds and make me the expert in my field.


Expand  business with pop up parties

Some people also wrote in about how they would use the money to help other people start their own business, or investing in their own education. There were too many ideas to show them all here, but if you are trying to decide on the best things to do, hopefully these tips can be a help to you.