Hand Written Signs

A while ago I made a mistake in a blog article about signs. I said that even a hand written sign can get attention from passers by.

It is true that a hand written sign can do this. Especially if it says something really compelling like “$1.00 for anything in this box”. I have found out since then that hand written signs are normally not good though. In fact, they can hurt your business and your sales. Before you decide to make hand written signs, here are a few things to think about.


Hand written signs look unprofessional to a lot of prospective customers. They make your products look less valuable. They make you look less legitimate and less trustworthy.

For these reasons, hand written signs are more expensive than professionally printed signs. You lose more in sales; and more importantly, you lose potential new customers who could be buying from you again and again in the future.

Fast printing shops and easy tools for your computer make creating signs faster, easier, and less expensive than ever before. Your customers are far more valuable. Don’t lose any possible new customers from a poor first impression. You are careful in the way that you dress and groom yourself. Make sure that your store or display looks just as well groomed as you do.

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