How to get customers to come to you


Have you ever gone to visit your customers, and arrived when they were gone or not able to talk with you?

Have you ever spent hours setting up the perfect display, and had only a few people stop to see what you have? Have you spent hours learning all of the benefits that your products can give to people, but couldn't find anyone to talk to about it? Here's how one of our customers packs all of his time with interested customers whenever he goes on a selling expedition. But before you start expecting too much, this idea won't work overnight. You can build your business much faster with this easy and free tool though. One of our customers is always calling in regular big orders. When I asked him what he was doing to make his business work so well, he told me about several different things. One of his best practices though was sending fast emails. Whenever this man goes anywhere to show his products, he emails some of his past customers and asks them to stop by and see him. When he sets up his booth, he sometimes gets overwhelmed by old friends coming to re-order something they need, or just to see what's new. To make this happen, you need to have your customers email addresses. That's why it doesn't work overnight. But if you take one small extra step of asking any customer you meet for their email address, and a second step of keeping the addresses organized for later emails, you can do the same thing easy. What should an email say?