How to Make A Car Air Freshener with Fragrance Oil


That wonderful new car smell doesn’t last forever. It’s easy and inexpensive to make air fresheners for your car by using fragrance oils from Africa Imports.

  1. Start with a clothespin—The easiest air freshener begins with an ordinary wooden clothespin. Put at least five drops of fragrance oil all over the clothespin and seal in a plastic bag for 24 hours. Then take it out and clip it to your car vent.

  2. Small wool balls make a pretty freshener. Take some small wool balls—you can find them at a crafts store. Using a large needle and thread, string three or four balls together. Then, tie them into a circle. Put two drops of fragrance oil on each ball and use some ribbon to tie your freshener to your rearview mirror.

  3. Use a 4-oz. Mason jar. Cut out a cardboard circle the same size as the lid and poke holes in it. Fill the jar halfway with baking soda. Add about 15 drops of fragrance oil and stir. Then use your cardboard circle and the Mason jar ring to close the jar. Keep it in your cup holder or under your seat.

  4. Scented felt ornament. Cut out an attractive shape from a piece of wool felt. Use about 15 drops of fragrance oil to scent it. Let it dry thoroughly. Thread a piece of ribbon through the top and tie to your rearview mirror.

All these fresheners are quick and easy. If you feel more ambitious, you might want to look into our fragrance oils with aroma beads.