Is there such a thing as too much smell?


Have you ever OVER-DONE-IT when it comes to wearing certain body oils. What can you achieve by drowning yourself in body oil fragrance? Could it be a self-aphrodisiac? I have a friend and customer that buys oils monthly and always tells me “It makes me feel some type of way”!! I smile big and wide every time and love her enthusiasm for the product.

I have another friend and customer that buys monthly at least (3) 1/3 ounce bottles every time. As soon as he gets a bottle, he literally rips the top off like he can’t wait to get to the body oil and lathers himself down with a bit too many strokes all over his body. I asked him one day “Why do you put on so much body oil?” He replied, “Because the ladies love and that’s good enough for me”!!

So, I guess what may seem a lot to some is a little to others. But remember that body oils are heat activated and the more you sweat, or your body temperature rises, the smell and power of the body oil will increase and too some be overwhelming.

Also remember, just like your poo might not smell to you, it sure does too everyone else.

About the author

Hi! My name is David G. Roundtree and I go by the nickname Mr. Smellsogood or DJ Smellsogood depending on where you meet me. I am the owner and operator of What Smells So Good!? LLC and have been in business since 2005. I have had 3 storefronts and due to economic situations have moved around here and there and now I’m settled in at my own little hole in the wall (Literally) at the Oldsmar Flea Market located in Oldsmar, Florida. Great place and atmosphere with a diverse customer base and vendors.