Korhogo Cloth

Korhogo Cloth always tells a story. These are the meanings behind the popular motifs.

Korhogo cloth fabric is very similar to mudcloth, which is a more familiar fabric to many people. It is produced in the Ivory Coast, in West Africa; and is named after the village of Korhogo in the northern part of Ivory Coast.

Korhogo cloth is produced by painting a design on hand spun, hand woven, and hand painted cotton fabric. This is often done using a stencil; and the painting is done with a specially fermented solution that turns black after a reasonable amount of time has passed. Korhogo cloth is used in making clothing and craft items. It is most popular as a truly authentic wall decoration.

The goat signifies male prowess from the beginning of time.

The fish signifies vitality and abundance.

The chicken signifies fertility and grace.


The bird signifies freedom.

The crocodile signifies the fertility of male.


The lion signifies royalty.

The tree signifies society’s shadow.

The snake signifies Earth’s abundance.

The Guinea fowl signifies inner beauty.

The hunter signifies life’s mysteries.

The fish bones signifies bareness.

The swallow signifies life’s interdependence.