Medical Help in Zambia


Amos Mwila is paid from your purchases at Africa Imports, and is shown here providing medical help to people in a remote village in Zambia. 

There are many people helped through this. On this one short trip, more than 50 children were found to have tinea capitis (infection of the scalp) and scabies. They were screened and treated promptly by the medical team to relieve their symptoms. Amos wrote to say: “We are thankful for the medicine made available for these children, who can only receive medical care if they travel 8-9 hours on a public boats”.

In this same village, Amos’s team also met a pregnant woman with severe pre-eclampsia, with blood pressure and other conditions that made this an obstetric emergency. She was Immediately treated and taken to the closest hospital where a caesarean section birth was completed. A live male infant was born, and both the mother and baby are stable and discharged. He writes: “If medical team had not visited the village at that time, both mother and the baby could have died”.

Amos is someone who your purchases helped to put through College and nursing school. Part of his pay is now also paid from the purchases from Africa Imports. Half of the profits of Africa Imports go to African people like Amos who are making a huge difference for many people in Africa