Meet Helen

121423-helen-and-son-troy-1.jpg     121423-helen-and-troy-2.jpg

Helen helps to take care of orphan children and vulnerable women in Zambia. Recently her own son Troy developed a cancerous growth on his neck. Your purchases with Africa Imports pay Helen for her work.

A few months ago, we were also able to send enough extra to pay for Troy’s medical treatment. Troy is now cancer free, and Helen is very happy and very thankful for the medical treatment you helped to provide. These photos show Troy in the hospital, and now back at home with his mother.

Medical care in Africa costs a whole bunch less than here in the US. Many people like Troy can not afford to get this sort of help however. From the purchases you make, Africa Imports sends special gifts totaling between $1,000 and $2,000 each month for medical emergencies like this. Most of the time, the costs are less than $400. The cost for Troy’s treatment was $250. It sounds like a small amount for this sort of thing. It is very difficult or impossible for many people to come up with this much however.