Meet Memory


Your purchases from Africa Imports support 4 different schools in Africa. Memory (shown here) is a teacher in one of these schools. She is a teacher for kids who are orphans or from very disadvantaged homes. In Africa these children would need to pay some money to go to school. The school that we support takes these kids in without any fees. Some of these children have big behavior problems. Most need extra attention to help them learn. Memory’s love for the kids is really impressive to see. She wanted so much to help them that she worked for free for a year before we started supporting the school. When I spoke with her about this it felt very special. Although she could be a paid teacher in a government school, she made a big sacrifice to be a teacher for these kids with no one else to do this for them. She was able to live with a girlfriend who had very little money but had a room that they could rent together. They even lived without having meals sometimes. When we started supporting this school, Memory was able to start receiving a small salary. We were also able to give her an extra gift of what her salary would have been for the previous year.

Thank you again for your business. It allows us to be a part of what Memory and many other people in Africa are doing to make a difference in their communities.