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I once read a story of an extremely successful car salesperson. This man used to have people lined up waiting to buy cars from him. In his story, he wrote over and over again that one of the main things that helped him to succeed was using business cards. It sounds like a really minor thing to focus on; but it worked for him. There is probably something here that can help you grow faster too.

I don’t remember the name of this person; or everything else that he did; but I remember one main thing that he he said brought him more customers and more sales. He would print large quantities of business cards; and give them to everyone he could. He mailed cards and reminders to people; and always included a business card. He gave his cards to everyone he would meet: He gave his card to people every time he was at a store; every time he went to a restaurant; and every time he came in contact with someone almost any way at all.

One of the most memorable parts of his story, was how he gave out his card at baseball games. When people all started to cheer for something in the game, he would throw hundreds of business cards into the air so that everyone around him would get one. Everyone around him always had his card; and people all seemed to know who he was. When people wanted a new car, they would think of him.

You can start a lot smaller than this person. He started small, and just kept doing more and more of the things that worked. Make it a point to give a card to 10 people this week. Then do it again for several more weeks. You probably won’t see big results right away; but if you are consistent in giving people reminders of who you are and what you do; you will build a major art of your long term success.

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