Sharon in South Africa

One of the more inspiring people who we get to work with is Sharon in South Africa.


Sharon was a school principal for about 20 years. She now spends her time and energy helping some of the poorest people in her area. She starts her day at 2:00am when she helps some otherwise unemployed people to earn money standing in line to get drivers licenses. Other people there pay them to do this for them. She is very involved in helping people in squatter camps with basic needs. There is no government support for most of these people, and their situations can be desperate. Just hearing her energy and love for the people she helps is an exciting thing to experience.

With a relatively small donation from your purchases last month, Sharon has been able to help several people. A few were prostitutes who she tries to help stay off of the streets. There was another old man named Oom who is homeless and was sick. She was able to help him be accepted into a hospital where he was given treatment for pneumonia.  

Smaller amounts of money can make a big difference for people in need when it get into the right hands. Africa Imports gives half of it’s profits to different people like Sharon who have dedicated their own lives to help others.