There are a number of people who Africa Imports helps to support who work to help other people in need.

One of these is Sinorie in southern Madagascar. She is shown in the photo below (in the light color dress) helping her mother in their garden.

Life is especially difficult in southern Madagascar where there have now been two years of drought. Sinorie works through a charitable organization to help people in her area. With just a small amount of money that we send to her from your purchases, Sinorie is able to make a big difference.  Here is what she wrote to us about her work this month.

The gifts that you send to the servants of the Lord, I give to young people who are not able to continue their education because their parents can not pay the school fees. There are also rural leaders, some in dire need of medical help, others in need of support so they can start farming even with one chicken. 8-12 people received gifts every month.

Sinorie is someone who has been a real joy for us to know. She has a beautiful and giving heart. She is also very respected for her honesty and commitment level by the other people who she works with.