Sinorie in Southern Madagascar



Sinorie lives in Southern Madagascar where she teaches people basic skills. Part of her work paid for from your purchases at Africa Imports.

This part of Madagascar has had both floods and droughts in recent years. The financial situation for people living there has been one of the most extreme in the world during the last few years. One of the extra things that Sinorie has done lately is to help a lot of the people where she lives with small gifts to help them in different ways during these difficult times. She is very careful and conscientious in the way that she handles the donations. Here is how she used an extra gift of $300.00 from your purchases to help people during the last two months.

9 bought chicken for farming

3 bought one goat/ each

18 Supported with money to meet their immediate needs (one day Food, medicine)

7 start up for small business

Total: 37 people helped.

Sinorie is one of the most trusted and conscientious people we know. She does this from a strong commitment to her Christian faith. Another amazing thing to know is how a relatively small amount of money can go such a long way in helping people when it gets into the right hands.