Store Locations: Being Creative

This article was sent in by a customer in Connecticut - Willis Diggs.

A message to those looking to start up a business. I have heard a number of individuals say their businesses failed because they found it difficult to attract customers.

For example, a few years ago I visited a newly opened consignment shop with the idea of arranging to leave some of my items there to sell. About two months after leaving my items there, I received a call from the owner saying she was closing because cash flow was poor and she could no longer afford to pay the rent for the space.

Upon conversing with the owner it was noted that she hadn't looked into the option of purchasing a similar operation that already had established customers and positive cash flow. This is also similar to purchasing a multi family house with paying tenants already renting.

I met with the owner and we agreed that in exchange for my consulting services to assist her in looking for an established business with good cash flow, she would allow me to leave items there on consignment.

We went to work and located a business that was for sale by the owner. She purchased it and not only had regular customers and good cash flow, but I also showed her how to utilize several local free and inexpensive ad services and resources to further draw new customers. The business did well and probably would still be doing so, except for her needing to close for more personal reasons.

I find this to be living proof that using the option of purchasing a business that is already established with regular customers could save you some headaches and wasted time

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