The Gift Of Resilience

How being a small business owner through Africa Imports has positively impacted and blessed my family.


~ Andrea in Charlotte Courthouse, VA

I became a small business owner through Africa Imports in March 2021. I was initially drawn to the curiosity of all the thousands of products that I had stumbled upon while viewing the website. Then, I began to remember being in college in the early 2000s down in Atlanta, Georgia. On the weekends I recall walking down the strip near Clark Atlanta University's campus and sampling different oil scents from amazing vendors dressed in Daishikis and an array of African attire. Admiring art pieces and jewelry I had only seen on TV or never at all; I felt like I had been transposed to another world instantly. I realized that I have now come across what I thought only a few had access to. I began to get excited and decided with full assurance that I wanted to become a business owner. And I did. I purchased the Easy Business Start-up Kit for around $50. I felt like wow, a $50 investment and they are not expecting me to go and sign up other people and chase a quota, I can do this! 

After I received my very first box which smelled absolutely out of this world amazing, I knew I had found what I had seen and experienced so many years ago as a college student. I immediately began Youtubing and Googling how to make and mix oils, soaps and candles. A whole new world opened before my eyes. So many people that looked Iike me were thinking and doing what I wanted to aspire to do. This boosted my confidence and gave me so much excitement to look forward to. So, now that I have been formally inducted into the Africa Imports family I can say they have given me and countless others a genuine gift that I call RESILIENCE. In spite of the pandemic and unbelievable hardships and catastrophes all over the world, the desire to spread hope and helaing through offering people a chance to create or recreate themselves by starting an inexpensive business is dynamic. We as a people, no matter our backgrounds, languages or experiences can look to one another and draw strength and confidence to be better and do better in numerous ways. I can say for my family, myself and now my customers,  Africa Imports has gifted me a real and true gift, the gift of resilience and I intend to pass it on.