Three Tips for Sending Out Christmas Cards




Sending out Christmas cards can give you and your customers both a lot of happiness. You can also spend a lot of money sending out Christmas or Holiday cards to a lot of your customers though. If you want to make every dollar and moment that you devote to your Christmas card mailings count, here are a few tips.

Be sure to add a hand written note. Just a short note is probably best. Have some great holidays this year Vanessa.

Include a business card with the Christmas card. It is an extra way to be remembered by your customers; and to build stronger relationships.

Don’t worry about buying expensive cards. It really is the thought that counts. You can even print out your own. The biggest impact that your card can make comes from knowing that the card is from someone who cares. You show that you are thinking of someone; and that you appreciate their business enough to put time and effort into staying in touch this way.

Most of all, you are helping yourself to care more about the people who have helped you along the way; and who have made your business possible. If you have a giving heart and attitude when you send out your cards, you are bound to have some people notice and remember this. If you don’t; and you are just looking for more business for yourself; that will almost certainly show through also.

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