Virgin Coconut Oil



10 Benefits of 100% virgin coconut oil

  1. Virgin coconut oil contains natural UV protection, and helps to slow down the aging process in the skin.
  2. Spread virgin coconut oil on skin to make it soft and supple, with intense moisture and healing.
  3. Virgin coconut oil can reduce the risk of heart disease.
  4. Virgin coconut oil can lower your cholesterol.
  5. Virgin coconut oil can improve the conditions of those suffering from diabetes, chronic fatigue, Chron’s, IBS, and other digestive disorders. It also can significantly decrease the viral load of someone suffering from HIV.
  6. Virgin coconut oil can prevent diseases and routine illnesses like influenza and the common cold with powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties.
  7. Virgin coconut oil speeds up your metabolism, helping your body to burn more calories, thus contributing to weight loss. It also is known to heal thyroid disorders and help to regulate thyroid function, which in turn promotes weight loss.
  8. Virgin coconut oil works with your metabolism and thyroid to increase your energy level.
  9. Virgin coconut oil makes an excellent massage lotion, and is popular worldwide in the top massage parlors.
  10. Virgin coconut oil makes a delicious alternative to your regular cooking oils, and gives you all the benefits listed above at the same time


You may be wondering how a simple oil can give you all these benefits! The answer is easy: Virgin coconut oil is composed of up to 55% lauric acid and a unique form of saturated fat. These two ingredients put together form an ingredient called monolaurin in the body. Monolaurin is famous for inhibiting a variety of microorganisms including bacteria, yeast, fungi, and enveloped viruses such as HIV, herpes, measles, influenza and cytomegalovirus (CMV). Doctors are now recommending virgin coconut oil to HIV patients because of its remarkable ability to decrease their viral load so low that they can’t even calculate it anymore. Most of these patients started out with a viral load between 1600 & 16,000.

How does virgin coconut oil help me to lose weight? Virgin coconut oil has an acid chain made of medium chain triglycerides. This beneficial ingredient does not circulate into the bloodstream like other fats from polyunsaturated oils which are commonly used in the states today. These triglycerides are sent directly to the liver where they are immediately converted into energy. So the body uses the fat in coconut oil to produce energy and burn calories, rather than to be stored as body fat. If you replace your regular cooking oils with pure virgin coconut oil, then you will notice your weight either decrease or if you are already at a healthy weight, your weight will be stabilized instead of increasing, which often happens when you use common oils like canola, olive or soybean oil.

Steer clear of hydrogenated coconut oils - Years ago coconut oil was given a lot of bad press due to some studies on the effects it had on animals. The animals had increased cholesterol which in turn contributes to heart disease. It was later revealed that the animals had been given “hydrogenated” coconut oil. Hydrogenated coconut oil is made from copra. Copra is the smoke dried kernel of the coconut. After the copra is dried it is then bleached and deodorized. High heat and harsh chemicals are used in this method. These hydrogenated oils have been shown to increase serum cholesterol levels which contribute to heart disease.

How is virgin coconut oil different? Virgin coconut oil is all-natural and does not contain any harsh chemicals and bleaches that hydrogenated coconut oils have. Virgin coconut oil is made from fresh, hand-picked coconuts, the coconuts are then grated and pressed to produce coconut milk. The milk is then separated into solid components, water and oil. The oil has a light texture and since no heat is applied it maintains the flavor and scent of fresh coconut. Virgin coconut oil is the only coconut oil that can give you the benefits listed above. Be sure to choose this beneficial oil for yourself today!


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