Volunteers in Zimbabwe

start a school for children who can not pay for schooling


Last summer, Israel and Shelter in Zimbabwe started a school for orphans and other children who could not go to school otherwise. They started in their home, and now have about 150 children with uniforms and a small building to meet in.

Africa Imports has been paying for the cost of daily meals for the children. For many of these children, this is the main or only meal that they have each day. The rest of the teaching, building and other costs of keeping the school operating are being done by other volunteers in their community.

Zimbabwe is going through a period of extreme economic and political problems. This means that there are a lot of children who have been left without school and some of the basic needs of life. Israel and Shelter and the others in their community have overcome a lot of obstacles since last summer. The school has thrived while accepting only very needy children who don’t pay anything. It has been a very inspiring thing to watch.

The photo below shows Israel and Shelter.