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    Get financing for your business purchases at Africa Imports with Behalf credit.

    You can fill in your information below, and get approved quickly.

    You then can purchase all the merchandise that you want, and pay back the money on a schedule that you set.

    The interest rates are personalized for each applicant. You can know how much is available to you, and how much the interest will cost right away.

    Right now you can get money interest free for 15 days, and financing for up to 180 days through Behalf.

    Behalf is not a part of Africa Imports, but an independent loan company.

    Fill in the information below, and click approve me to get approved.

    1. Get pre-approved using the form above
    2. Complete your profile on
    3. Place your order online or call a sales rep at 201-457-1995 to make your order and tell them you are paying with your account
    4. Receive email from to complete your payment
    5. Select a repayment schedule and add a bank
    6. Submit your order

    It's that simple.