What customers want most

There are things that every customer wants. They may not ask for them. They may not even know that they want them. But you know that people want these things, because you want them too. If you begin offering compelling items now, you can have more money next month and in the future than you have now.  

“I really want to thank you for exceptional customer service.  I trade with many vendors of African products and I have yet to find anyone to match your service.  Everyone sells products but it seems like customer service is a dying art.  I am very satisfied with everything.  I was missing two items from my previous order but received them with my order today.”

Ida from Albuquerque, NM

1. Instant delivery

New customers may take a long time deciding whether or not they will buy from you. But once they decide to buy, they will want their purchase right away.

Try to deliver your product immediately when the customer buys something from you. You can sell things from photographs; but you can sell more when your customer hands you the money, and you hand them the product. If you cannot give the product when your customer gives you the money, then give them a shipping estimate right away. You can give the customer an email describing the product, or a tracking number for their shipment, or a phone call thanking them for their business and letting them know when their order will arrive.

2. No extra work 

Customers want products that are easy to use and services that produce results without any extra hassles. You can increase your sales by stressing the "easy to use" characteristics of your product. You can tell customers about how convenient their new product will be.

Make it easier for customers to buy from you and you will get more sales. Try to do everything possible for your customers so that they don’t need to do anything more than the minimum themselves.

For example, on the Internet, shoppers are impatient and don’t put up with a long ordering process. Minimize the number of times your customer has to click to another screen when ordering online. Use a simple order form instead of a shopping cart if you only offer 1 or 2 items. And don't ask them to give you more information than you need to process their order.

3. Personal attention 

One way you can give better customer service is by giving customers a chance to ask questions. Most people will want to buy from you if you are helping them out in some way such as giving them your time or paying attention to detail. As you answer questions for people you also have the chance describe more product benefits; or tell them about other products.

Answering questions is not time consuming. You'll hear the same questions over and over again. If you sell on the Internet, you can answer each question once only if you have a FAQ page. Copy the answers into your reply whenever you get that same question again ...and revise it slightly to personalize your response. Customers will love your quick responses to questions and concerns.

All of your customers want fast results, no work, and personal attention. Most people won't ask for this, but they won't buy from you as often unless they get it. Make sure you provide all three of these special benefits ...and look for ways to improve the quality of each. Do these things now and your sales will increase quickly.

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