Who we give

How do we decide who to give to?

Every dollar that is donated to these charities goes directly to the orphanages or day home.  Other than the cost of currency conversions, and a very reasonable salary to one local person in Congo who distributes and oversees the money, there is no other organization that is supported by these gifts.  We have relationships with missionaries and other people in Africa who help us with this at no cost.  When we can find a need; and we can make sure that the money is all being used to help the kids; we begin to send money.  As money is used the way that we are told it would be, then we send more if we have it.  We are really hoping to see a lot more done soon.

There is corruption in some of these areas; and sometimes charitable gifts end up going to someone or someplace different than intended for.  We are fortunate to have people who we know and trust who watch things for us.  Getting money to the people who really need it is extra work for these people, which they are not really paid for.  They would feel as bad or worse than any of us, if the money was not used to help any of the kids shown here.