Why isn't everything at Africa Imports made in Africa?

Most of what you find here is made in Africa; but some other products are made in other countries.

The country of origin is shown in the product description for everything we have to offer. So you can always find out where something is made.

There are several reasons why we offer some products made in other places. The main reason is that our customers want many of these items. A significant goal of our business is to help our customers have what they want.

Another reason is that offering some of these products made in other parts of the world helps our wholesale customers get new customers for their business. Even though some things are made in different parts of the world, they can often still communicate the culture and heritage of Africa. Sometimes they are priced lower, so that more people can own what is offered and help our wholesale customers to be able to reach a broader audience.

What is our company mission?

You may wonder how we can sell products from other countries and still have a mission of supporting communities in Africa. The reason this works is simple. It is because selling these products causes us to sell more African-made products that many customers may not notice otherwise. As long as giving customers more options increases sales of the African-made products, we are meeting our company goals. More African communities will be supported through the sales of the things that they make. If sales of African products were to slow down because we were offering non-African made products, we would definitely stop adding the non-African made products.

Because not everything offered by Africa Imports is made in Africa, we also support several orphanages in Africa with the profits that come from these other products. 

More about the African and non-African products

We require that products made in other parts of the world sell especially well in order for us to keep selling them. We have very low price mark-ups on most African made products. There are a number of African made products that would lose money if we did not offer non-African made products as well. By offering larger selections, you can order some African made products that would not be available otherwise.

Africa Imports exists to help people and communities in Africa prosper. By selling more African-made goods, there are more communities in Africa that are able to grow in their industry; and more craftspeople in Africa can support themselves while carrying on African traditions. Each time you purchase an African-made product, someone in Africa is supported in their work. We appreciate your business no matter what you order, but we hope that you will consider African-made products in a special way, because of the good that results when you purchase from them.